Over the years, our planet has gotten from bad to worse in terms of waste and pollution. The modern age has introduced machines to almost every business out there and although these machines have turned out to be really helpful, a big drawback is the amount of pollution that we have done with these machines along the way of creating items. Over time we can clearly see the drastic change in temperature on a global level. Today, the earth is the hottest it has ever been and that change is climate brings its own set of problems. Due to the rise in heat glaciers all over the world are melting which is causing tsunamis and other natural disasters. Many species of animals have gone e4xtinct due to the deforestation and rainforests getting smaller. We live in a time period where the consequences are there, they just happen gradually that we don’t even notice the change until it is too late.

It’s not just the animals or the forests that are suffering. Humans are seeing the bad sides of this very clearly now. Natural resources are at an all-time low, we are using the earth’s resources at a much higher pace than it takes the earth to regenerate them. Due to this, prices of oil among other naturally attained resources are climbing up. The most problematic part is the fact that we have found many different ways to produce green, sustainable energy but still, the most dominant forms of creating energy are still nonrenewable and pollute the environment. With a little bit of time and some resources, we can easily make renewable green energy that can support cities. We need to take action against pollution, we have been destroying our own home for too long and if we continue living this way in a couple of hundred years there will be no sign of life on earth, the planet will become totally uninhabitable. Taking initiatives and making major changes to the way we live is beyond important. It should be the highest priority for us at this point. We need to right our wrongs before it is too late for us to go back and turn things around.

Cutting down our carbon footprint is the most important task of all. Big companies will change with time and persuasion but change needs to come from everyone of us individually. We all need to cut down on the things we waste. We are using different water bodies to fulfill our need for water without considering the fact that there is only enough useable sweet water left on this earth for all of us to use. If we don’t cut down on our usage of water we will soon be living in a world that has very little water. Water is important to live and everyone needs access to clean fresh water. If things continue the way they are water might become a very scarce resource that only the wealthy will be able to afford in large quantities. We need to use filtration processes to make sure that the water sources that we have don’t dry out on us. We need to purify water in order to have a source of clean water available to us.

Cutting down on our carbon footprint will also require us to change the products we use in our daily lives. Major lifestyle choices need to be made in order to sustain a healthy living for us. Using organic products and by-products is important as organic products are made from the most recyclable items on this planet. As the demand for organic products rises, organic production will rise as well. More and more companies will start making recyclable and zero waste organic products which are five to ten years’ time can actually change the shape of the whole market. We as consumers need to take a step forward in order to force these industrialists into making more environmentally friendly choices. This is how every individual on this planet can make a difference and save the planet.

Earth is our home and if anything were to happen to this planet, it will be our own loss. It is the perfect place for us to live and we are not going to find another home like this one, so come together and save your home.