The earth is our home and it has been the sole place for us to live for centuries. As far as the universe stretches there is no other planet that we have found which is fully capable of housing humans the way that Earth does. Over the past two decades though, we have taken a lot out of our home planet. Humans have made decisions and actions that may have seemed beneficial in the short term but in the larger picture, all these decisions have hurt our home. Our planet is slowly dying and we are the cause of it and if we don’t make some serious changes to our lives both as individuals and as a society there might not be a planet to live on in the next hundred or so years. This planet has given us everything that we have needed to survive and live a life of luxury and extravagance. This planet gave us a place to live and evolve into the humans that we are today and in return, we have given our planet global warming, climate change. We have excessively used the natural resources provided to us, making them harder to come by. We use these resources before the earth even gets a chance to replace the ones we used. Tough choices and big sacrifices need to be made otherwise we will no longer have a place to live.

We need to severely cut down on the way that we make electricity. There are numerous ways to produce green electricity that can power whole cities. We need to set up more greener and renewable energy sources to help combat pollution and climate change. Another major change that needs to be made is the consumption of organic products which are made from recycled materials and have zero waste in their production. These zero waste products are very important to the environment as they create no excess waste and provide a sustainable way to live.

We also need to support local farms and their dairy products. Small scale farming can be really helpful for the environment as the person doing all the work, is working independently and has no pressure of attaining a certain amount each time he harvests. Secondly, he does not use industrial-grade machines that pollute the environment, a local farm can actually provide you fresher goods at a better price without having to cause pollution or harm to the Earth. It is a win-win situation for everyone and helps out your local market to grow as well.

Making these big industrialists and business owners listen and pay attention to the issue at hand is the most difficult part. These people do not want to change the way they are doing business as it will cost them a fortune to change the way they power their factories but it is important and needs to be done as soon as possible. If we don’t change the way we mass-produce items, in the future, there will be no one left to buy those products. Climate change is taking a huge toll and the Earth has never hit higher temperatures than it is hitting now. Change is necessary and it needs to be done soon. Otherwise, we will fail to sustain life on this planet. Not only will our existence be lost. There will be no future for humanity. To save tomorrow we need to act today and we need to act now. After all, this is our home, where else are we supposed to go?