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The Elet Restaurant

Operating under an umbrella of Green holdings, we have established a first of its kind green ecosystem resort and The ELET hotel restaurant. Situated at an ideal location, the hotel + restaurant is serving and producing 100% organic and fresh tempting meals. The idea is to motivate people towards a healthy lifestyle and add organic alternatives in their everyday life.

At Elet we tantalize your taste buds by using organic ingredients to prepare meals that provide the optimum health and nutrition. Each meal on our menu is created from 100% organic ingredients grown in our very own farms that our trained staff carefully picks and treats with the right procedures so that they are ready to be cooked for you!

Once they reach the kitchen our chefs, with the help of special advisors, prepare a magical fusion of food by contrasting these organic ingredients into each dish creating a symphony of flavors in the most hygienic manner to be served to our customers.

Along with a luscious meal, our restaurant’s classy ambiance and highly trained staff create the perfect and hygienic environment for our customers to be at ease and enjoy a high-quality dining experience with their loved ones.

About Us:

We began our journey with the goal to provide a completely organic cuisine and cater to the needs of those who believe in real flavors and treating their bodies with the right nutrition. In short – serve foods that are simply themselves.

Conventional foods and many pre-made convenience foods are loaded with ingredients that either aren’t food or are so processed that they include preservatives, fillers, flavor enhancers, artificial dyes, refined sugars etc. causing the ingredients to lose their real essence and flavors.

We aim to serve meals to our customers that are cooked with only organic ingredients giving them a completely different experience, causing an explosion of flavors in their mouth with every bite.


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Our Ingredients:

Our ingredients are grown in the echo system that we have created where we breed cattle and birds on an organic feed safe from any kinds of hormonal injections, grow crops and vegetables and raise fish in a clean and natural environment with the right feed.

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