The environment of today is polluted to a great extent. Pollution, global warming, and rising temperatures are making this world harder for humans to live on this planet but the irony is the fact that humans are the ones who caused all of these things in the first place. We have been polluting and damaging this planet for centuries, we have been discovering new ways to generate electricity and polluting our environment using non-renewable energy sources. We have cut down a significant amount of trees due to which temperatures in many areas are rising drastically. All of this needs to be put to an end. But before we come to a proper solution, we need to understand the actual problems that are causing these things to happen.

Here are a few environmental damaging activities that are happening ion a daily basis. 

Improper Disposal Of Radioactive Waste

Ever since the developed nations of the world opted for nuclear power to generate electricity, these huge power plants have been abusing nearby lands and water by dumping their toxic waste without proper care. This practice has made many water bodies unlivable for aquatic life and has made the life of people living nearby a complete disaster, [people who are exposed to these contaminated lands or waters often develop serious illnesses that can last a long time and can even be fatal. We need to find a proper way to dispose of this waste before more of our water sources are contaminated and more people are affected by the toxicity of these places.

Recklessly Chopping Down Trees

Trees are an essential part of life, trees provide us with fresh air that is richer in oxygen and they inhale the carbon dioxide in the air, which is a lethal gas for us. Cutting down trees is rising temperatures and as the demand for wood goes up, more trees are going to get cut down. We need to cut fewer trees and plant new ones in the place of trees that are being cut, that way we can create a sustainable cycle.

Excessive Use Of Synthetic Chemicals In Farming

Farming makes up more than 60% of the food that we eat but recently to meet the demand of the market farmers have started using man-made chemicals to increase production and growth of their items, these chemicals are toxic and can cause a ton of issues later in life, these chemicals make the land they are sprayed on toxic and the fruits and vegetables grown through these chemicals lack the nutrients that naturally grown foods have. Using organic foods is a better alternative to traditional food items. There is an abundance of organic food products in the market such as organic fish, organic fruits, organic meat, organic vegetables. Even things that are related to food have organic counterparts such as organic cosmetics and organic paper. You can find these products online as well, there are websites that sell online organic chicken, meats, fruits, and vegetables.

Lack Of Renewable Energy Sources

There are a ton of great renewable energy options that can make this world a better place to live, but the problem is that there aren’t many of these renewable energy plants. There are only a handful of renewable energy plants across the planet. If we want to save this planet and make it inhabitable for future generations, we need to start making these renewable plants. Every country should have them, they are efficient and cost almost nothing after production and installation. 

So those were some issues that were the major contributors to pollution and global warming. We need to resolve these issues in order to see a cleaner and greener future.