Without water, we’d be nothing. Simply dust. Water is one of the most well-known substances on earth, and one of the most indispensable; it’s a hugely significant resource, yet one we waste and contaminate enormously.

We take this vital natural resource for granted. For while it pours openly from the sky and appears to stream perpetually in lakes and rivers, it’s a limited resource; we just have what we have. Also, despite the fact that there are around 332,500,000 cubic miles of it on earth, the only 100th of one percent of the world’s water is readily accessible for human use. We truly need to figure out how to save and honor it. To think about that, here are some wondrous, some disturbing, and all enlightening facts about water.

  • Water covers 70.9% of the planet’s surface.
  • Contaminated water kills 200 children per hour.
  • A jellyfish and a cucumber are each composed of 95% water.
  • 70% of the human brain is water.
  • In developing countries, 80% of all illnesses are related to water.
  • 97% of the water on Earth is salt water; the water found in the Earth’s lakes, rivers, waterfalls, streams, ponds, swamps and etc represents just 0.3% of the world’s freshwater. The rest is caught inside the glaciers or is in the ground.
  • 30% of freshwater is in the ground.
  • 1.7% of the world’s water is solidified and in this way unusable.
  • There is more water in the air than in the entirety of our lakes together.
  • The normal human body is made of 50 to 65% water.
  • Infants have significantly more, ringing in at 78% water.
  • Since the normal tap discharges 2 gallons of water for each minute, you can conserve up to four gallons of water each morning by closing the tap while you brush your teeth.
  • A shower utilizes somewhat around 70 gallons of water and a five-minute shower utilizes 10 to 25 gallons.
  • Some 1.8 billion individuals overall drink water that is defiled with human waste products.
  • 748 million people in the world don’t have access to safe drinking water.

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  • Furthermore, 2.5 billion people don’t have access to sanitation facilities.
  • On average, an American resident consumes around 100 gallons of water for every day, a European resident uses around 50 gallons of water for each day and an African resident of sib-Sahara uses around 2 to 5 gallons of water for every day.
  • It uses 2.6 gallons of water to make a piece of paper.
  • It uses 924 gallons of water to grow 2.2 pounds of rice.
  • It uses 2,641 gallons of water to make a single pair of jeans.
  • It uses 3,962 gallons of water to produce 2.2 pounds of meat (beef).
  • Overall, 25 percent of their day is spent on this assignment.
  • Altogether, South African ladies and kids daily walk the distance which is equivalent to 16 trips to the moon and back to bring water.
  • Every day, we lose somewhat more than a cup of water which is around 237 ml, when we breathe it out.