Our unique selling point is that we do not use artificial feed, injections, or other harmful substances to breed our poultry. We use natural feed and other natural farming methods to keep chicken organic and healthy for our customers. Our aim is to let the chicken grow the natural way by eating completely vegetarian so that you get value for your money.
Our farms are overseen most productively by exceptionally prepared and experienced staff and observed with well-equipped labs. Best tools with best practices help accomplish the excellent quality of our product, and consequently significant levels of performance. All eggs delivered on these farms are shipped in Green Holdings’ controlled environment to its incubators situated in various places for hatching. The chicken produced are sold to farmers through a compatible marketing team of staff backed by technical services professionals to help and guide the farmers at every step, ensuring the best service for both our suppliers and our potential clients.
The poultry farm chicken is free-range and is fed in accordance with the organic principles free from any growth hormones and animal by-products. Complete outdoor access throughout the day allows the chickens enough sunlight and atmosphere to grow at their best.


Green Holdings brings you 100% natural, fresh, and pure fruits. Green Holdings is an organic service provider giving you recognizable and nutritious fruits including a wide variety of products without gluten, that are natural and non-GMO items. We at Green Holdings came up with an exceptional plan of farmers and retailers connecting to show the best quality fruits through our foundation and provide fruits that are natural and free from additives, pesticides, and toxins. Excellent produce from farmers that care about the soil they develop the products in as much as the flavor it produces. You have the decision to choose what you purchase and eat – what kind of farming you support and the effect it has on nature. Purchasing produce that is cultivated in more organic techniques implies you are having less of an effect on the earth, a reduced carbon footprint. For getting healthy, the kind of food you eat is everything in a greater number of ways than one. We are what we eat and our fruits genuinely make you a better person inside and out. Green Holdings makes products fresh and sourced from farms to make it accessible to its customers. Our fruits are rich in taste with premium quality, organic, and farm-fresh which are cultivated naturally without any artificial fertilizer or chemicals.


We are breeding animals like chicken, cows, goats, buffaloes, hens, and fishes at our farm to cater and fulfill to the production requirement of organic meat, and our animals are fed on natural and organic food as well. Organic is the gold stamp of animal welfare, which means our product is the best our clients can get– the highest standard. Organic animals:

⦁ Are really allowed to wander, with nonstop daytime access to clean natural fields

⦁ Have more space than some other system, inside and out

⦁ Are able to have a rich and healthy eating routine

⦁ Live in smaller groups with less stress

⦁ Are not given antibiotics regularly

⦁ Are protected from mutilation

Organic consistently implies:

⦁ No counterfeit pesticides or composts

⦁ Outstanding systems of animal welfare which are superior to free range

⦁ No genetically modified (GM) animal feeds or ingredients

⦁ No consistent use of antibiotics

⦁ Liberated from counterfeit additives and colors

Organic Milk & Manure:

Agriculture negatively affects our planet. Because of nitrogen-based artificial manures, farmers are usually responsible for around half of all nitrous oxide emanations – and the world’s fertile soil (being a limited resource) is seriously deteriorating at a pace of 24 billion tons every year. Rather than artificial manures, natural and organic farms like Green Holdings use crop rotation and companions planting techniques to ensure the best possible results in the minimum utilization of our limited resource which is fertile soil. This elongates the life of our soil, making the process more sustainable when compared to other techniques.

Green Holdings is also responsible for producing milk and manure. As our animals constantly feed on natural food and because we are not giving any medicines or artificial food to our cattle for milking, it gives out the most healthy milk which can possibly be produced, we value our clients and their health a lot. Besides this, we have different types of cattle for breeding and we also plan to expand by meeting the supply needs for restaurants, cafes, and hotels. By widening our reach, we will be more accessible to people who are conscious about what they include in their diet, as they focus more on remaining healthy and eating organic. An interesting and noteworthy fact is that organic milk and meat contain 50 percent more omega-3 unsaturated fats.


We have three ponds for the fish, the first one has RO water in which Talapia fish is being bred, the other two ponds are natural water ponds. These fishes are for breeding, then to meet supply needs for our restaurants and the market. Our controlled and monitored environment ensures the best quality and taste our clients will ever experience. We are focused on sourcing fish that has been fished or cultivated capably. The fish we pick is fished or cultivated in ways that ensure ocean life and environments are protected. The exceptional fish products that we are offering are set up in completely hygienic conditions by keeping up cool chain storage. The best natural fish is the best decision for any sort of recipe you might need to make.

Sustainable fishing:

⦁ Sustainable fishing procedures like long-line, handline, troll, jig, or speargun fishing have little effect on the sea’s territory and ecological system.
⦁ These fishing strategies have extremely low degrees of bycatch.

⦁ Economical fisheries keep up a significant level of reasonable practices to keep up the normal ecological system of the sea for people in the future to keep up and make the most of its resources.


We aim to serve meals to our customers which are cooked with completely organic ingredients and organic vegetables giving them a completely different experience, causing an explosion of flavors in their mouth with every bite. Our clients want to eat healthily but still want a tasty meal which is where we come in with our excellent products. Organic vegetable growth is a framework that lends itself well to small scale and low maintenance agricultural tasks. Moreover, in spite of the fact that the expenses are high, returns can possibly be high where markets are all around created for organic items. We supply our quality items to markets at competitive prices. We at Green Holdings stay aware of our vision by rehearsing exercising healthy crop rotation, empowering a diverse environment around the fields, productively utilizing local water sources, and cautiously choosing produce variety that develops well and tastes incredible. Our vegetables make for great food on your table, they ensure our clients receive the maximum benefits of choosing us and our products. Not only does organic production help reduce public health risks, but mounting evidence also shows that food grown organically are rich in nutrients, such as Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, with less exposure to nitrates and pesticide residues in organically grown fruits, vegetables, and grains when compared to artificial methods and strategies.