Water is something all of us need to survive, without water there is no existence for any living thing, no plants or animals can survive without water. Water is an absolute necessity for any living and breathing organism. It is a liquid that sustains life on this planet. More than half of our planet is comprised of water, we have water in all forms, shapes, and sizes, we have small lakes and ponds to large rivers and seas and gigantic oceans that spread as far as the eye can see but most of that water is not drinkable. Ocean and seawater are filled with salt and other minerals that our body cannot process. Seawater will never be able to quench a person’s thirst. There are indeed many huge reserves of drinkable water but the hard fact is that these drinkable reserves are not in an abundance as far as human’s daily consumption of water is concerned. 

Water has a ton of uses. We use water to clean our houses, drink, wash items, bathe ourselves, put out fires just to name a few. Water is an essential need and every household requires an uninterrupted flow of clean water. Humans have drastically increased their usage of this liquid and it has reached an alarming rate. If the quantity of the water consumed by people stays the same where it is today, in the near future clean water would be a very rare sight. We can see some African countries as an example who little to no access to clean water. Half of the world will be deprived of water until 2050. That number is scary and if we do not make some immediate lifestyle changes we might be the people with no access to water in the future. 

We need to conserve water in every way possible, we need to cut down our use to a minimum and only use as little water as we can. These steps might sound like drastic measures, for now, cause right now we don’t face the issues that people in other countries face but that could be us soon enough if we don’t act upon saving water. Wasting water is an act that should be avoided at all costs, we need to save water in order to sustain life on this planet. There are many different companies and NGOs with the same view but without the help of civilians, none of these firms can do anything. Almoa Water is a great example of a company that is making high-quality RO plants and water purification machines to help people fulfill their needs by recycling water instead of using more water. 

We as humans have made this earth suffer a lot, we have polluted it, burned it, and made many animal species go extinct. All of those past acts cannot be redeemed but we can still try and be conscious. We can still make a difference and change the way this world is right now. All of us need to come together and unite for a greener and cleaner tomorrow, not just for us but for our future children who will inhabit this planet after us. If things keep going the way they are right now, there will be no future for mankind. 

There are many companies that are working to make things better, Greens Holding is a perfect example of a company that is fighting against pollution and trying their best to make this world a better place, one step at a time. We need to help companies such as them and act responsibly. otherwise, the consequences will be catastrophic on a global scale.