In the last few years, there has been a new term on the rise and that is “organic”. Many food-related companies have started to add the word organic before their products and a lot of health-conscious and nature conscious people seem to love this new initiative taken by these giant corporations. Now, what exactly does organic mean in terms of food?. Well, organic foods are those foods that don’t use any artificial additives, preservatives. Their farming does not contain any form or use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. These foods are grown in a safer and more natural environment and organic products also lower the amount of pollution that occurs per piece. These organic products are a healthy and less pollution-causing alternative to regular foods. They are better for the environment and are grown in a natural way.

Nowadays, there is an organic version of pretty much all the foods that are either harvested or extracted naturally. Over time people have started using synthetic items that are basically man-made alternatives to natural resources that help in speeding up the process but these man-made alternatives use chemicals that are either harmful to the environment or take away essential or beneficial vitamins and minerals. These synthetic products are used in farming, livestock and other such industries where growing the product or animal can take years. Organic farming uses natural fertilizers and uses no chemicals or other additives to rush the product. The result of this natural process is 100% pure and natural organic fruits and vegetables. 

There are organic meats and organic milk available as well in the market these days, organic meat is obtaine4d through all-natural processes, unlike traditional farming where the animals are injected with steroids and hormones in organic farming nothing of that sort is done, the animals are bred and grown naturally. The same goes for organic milk as well. When cows are not injected with hormones and different chemicals to grow them sooner, the milk that the cow produces is natural and contains more nutrients, organic farming is the way to go, it’s a great way keep the animals healthy and happy and obtaining high-quality milk and meat from them in return.  You can find many organic items in many different stores or you can also find them online, there are a ton of e-commerce stores that sell online organic milk vegetables and fruits. These marketplaces are dedicated to selling organic products so that people can purchase such items with ease. 

Humans have been abusing earth for too long and if we continue living like we are doing today, there might not be a planet for future generations, we have polluted the environment for far too long and it is time that we start making some serious life changes if we want to live on this planet, there is a ton of evidence that proves that earth will not be inhabitable by humans in the next 50 to 60 years. Animals are going extinct due to deforestation, temperatures are rising and glaciers are melting due to global warming, sea levels are rising dangerously and the earth’s natural resources are depleting rapidly. If we ignore this even now then we might not be able to live n this planet in the future, the sky will be filled with harmful gases and smog, the oceans will be too contaminated for aquatic animals to survive, clean water will be scarce and the ozone layer will be destroyed. If you still think that this future is lifetimes ahead, you are wrong, this future is very near and if nothing is done about it, we might get to experience those living conditions in our lifetime, so take a step and root for a greener and cleaner world.