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The Ultrapreneurs


Ultraprenuer offers a shared working space for all your corporate needs. You can save space on rentals and work from a prime location in the corporate Hub of the city! We operate on the first floor of the Elet, which houses a restaurant on the ground floor and hotel on the second and third floors. It is perfect for travelers and tourists and a unique setting for a corporate workspace, where you can take your clients for breakfast, lunch or dinner meetings downstairs at the Elet as well! We are a one-stop solution for all your co-workspace needs.

Our Rental Services Include:

Serviced Office

A membership model, which is variable and flexible according to the desired size, including fixtures such as lighting, air conditioning, table and chair.

Fixed Table

A membership model that can share a designated office space with other Collectives, and has a chair and a desk allocated specially.


A subscription model that is open to interaction and sharing, which can use the common working area in the location it is connected to, offers the opportunity to ‘network’ automatically.

Virtual office

A membership model. Only those who want to show their address as Ultraprenuer, entrust their mail and cargo to us for their business but operate elsewhere or virtually.


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