Greens Holding is a sustainable green ecosystem project

An end to end sustainable solution working to promote a sustainable economy. We are on a mission to clean the environment and utilize carbon-free natural resources.


A green ecosystem with a financial model that is scalable as well as replicable in other regions.

Building a financial model where capital can be raised through issuing of ethical bonds, making it sellable and sustainable.


Green ecosystem comprises of the following processes as connected units


We have our own natural sewage water filtration system that runs water through halophytes trees, pebbles, charcoal, sand, and jute purifying it and collecting it in a reservoir that has fish breeding inside.

Production of Electricity

We are producing biogas naturally in our farm via biogas plant, production from biogas plants saves energy cost, it provides a pollution-free clean environment and helps in generating electricity.

Organic Food Production

Greens Holding is working to promote eco-friendly organic products at low prices through organic farming on our land. We are on a mission to utilize carbon-free natural resources for a healthier and greener lifestyle.

"With sustainable agriculture and organic farming, we make sure that all the products are produced organically"

End to End Sustainable Green Ecosystem

Modeling green ecosystems in a changing world

Filtration Process

The method of filtration and cleansing is through stretching a long canal and growing halophytic trees, putting pebbles, charcoal, sand, making different levels and stairs on several places and filling them with stones, charcoal, sand into that canal and having the water flow from this canal and ultimately flowing towards a big reservoir and pond which has fishes for breeding.

Bio Gas Production

It is a renewable energy source which differs from natural gas and is produced biologically through anaerobic digestion rather than fossil fuel. We are producing biogas naturally in our farm via the process of mixing water (through RO plant/filtered water) and cow manure, which provides a pollution-free clean environment and helps in generating electricity.

Production of Black Gold

After the filtration of cow dung and water to produce biogas, the remaining residue which is extremely helpful in making the soil more productive will be used as an agriculture fertilizer, to meet the increasing demand of crops.

Organic Farming

Organic farming is a practice of cultivating plants and crops in a chemical-free organic way to increase sustainable, eco-friendly products. By this, we produce natural habitat; Trees, Flowers, Vegetables, and Fruits. Vegetables, Fruits & Meat will be utilized in our restaurant The Elet; to serve meals to our customers that are cooked with only organic ingredients.

Organic Dairy Products

The most important part of the land is the farm, where we get milk and manure. The cattle are free from any sort of injection or steroids for milking and they are fed organic food, we breed cattle and birds in an organic environment through an organic feed safe from any kind of hormonal injections.

RO Plant

We have a water treatment process that removes contaminants from water by using pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. During this process, the contaminants are filtered out and flushed away, leaving clean, delicious drinking water.

Eco-Friendly and organic restaurant

Operating under the umbrella of Greens Holding, we are in process of building a one of its kind green restaurant called The Elet Restaurant. The purpose of the restaurant is to serve and produce 100% organic meals to our customers that are cooked with only organic ingredients, giving them an entirely healthy lifestyle.

Supply-chain of organic products

Greens Holding distributes organic food through a supply chain of organic food products that are being produced at the farm, which includes; dairy products, eggs, chicken, meat, and vegetables. Some of the products are utilized for the restaurant and the rest is to be sold to the market.

Financial Model

Greens Holding has been incorporated as a company and our vision is to scale the sustainable green ecosystem and replicate it in order to be able to issue ethical bonds or popularly known as sukuk so that capital investment can be raised and the model becomes sellable.


Have a look at the dynamic environment that enables a sustainable green ecosystem

Greens Holding Enables

  • Production of Bio Gas
  • Pollution-free Electricity Generation
  • Produce Black Gold

UI/UX Design

  • Natural Habitat
  • Natural sewage water filtration system
  • Organic farming

UI/UX Design

  • Production of natural feed for farm Animals
  • Organic food distribution through supply chain
  • Eco-Friendly and organic restaurant
Green Technology

Greens holding towards a sustainable green ecosystem

To promote the green ecosystem

The massive use of fossil fuel, charcoal, the large amount of carbon dioxide release, the use of plastic, and cutting trees are all threats to the climate and leading us to global warming.

Emerging Technology Solutions

Sustainability has become a key focus with many products and services being offered. To be able to sustainably eat and live is growing in demand. Technology has taken a forefront role in helping resolve some of these issues.

Blockchain Solutions

Digitization of the whole process allowing recording, maintaining, and tracking of data will not only save cost but will also make the process agile and aligned.


A sustainable green ecosystem

Greens Holding aims to provide a better, healthier and greener lifestyle

Green Holdings will operate as a commercial business and would be beneficial for organic food provision, maintaining human well-being and quality of life.

This project is resource-efficient and complies with the requirement of UNDP for a greener future and a project needed by investors to produce organic halal products.

  • Reducing Carbon emission
  • Anti- Pollution techniques
  • Generate energy
  • Produce eco-friendly organic products

"An end to end sustainable solution working to promote eco-friendly organic products at a good price, from production to supply."

End to End Sustainable Green Ecosystem

An Islamic scholar and a member of Shariah boards of several renowned institutions

Dr. Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani, son of Justice (Retd.) Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani. He is the author of numerous publications related to Islamic Finance, Islamic Education and other Shariah related subjects.

He has delivered lectures at academic institutions including but not limited to Harvard, LSE, LUMS, and IBA.

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